welcome to my personal website!! a rainbow vomit mess made with my very two paws

this is my corner of the net dedicated to the things i love and a place to archive things i create. I just want to have fun and put whatever i want in it, i dont want to limit its purpose, hope you enjoy looking around !!

BTW this site is meant to be viewed on PC!!! sorry


12/22/2022 -- added buttons to my favorite sites and just added this update box

12/22/2022 -- also added this cool moon phase info

12/23/2022 -- more graphics

12/28/2022 -- made a button, made the update box scrollable, and moved chat to the side

1/2/2023 -- more graphics, finally added a section of links to other pages on the site, but theres nothing in them yet, major under construction

1/6/2023 -- added a winamp player! only 3 songs in it so far

1/27/2023 -- actual art in the featured art section WOAAAHAHHHH

2/9/2023 --- finally got the video of the week thing to work yippeee